20 Instagram Hacks For Everyone

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20 Instagram Hacks For Everyone

Instagram grew from being the little cousin to a big brother of many social media websites.
Brands who are numb towards Instagram need to revamp their social media strategy soon as the platform now has more than 500 million usersand that is more than Twitter has..

How do you make sure of success on Instagram irrespective of whether you are an individual or a brand? Cater to your target audience effectively and engage them…

I will highlight 20 Instagram tips that can grow your Instagram profile 🙂

1. Direct message your Audience

Many Instagrammers forget that the platform allows you to direct message others. It is one of the quickest and easiest methods to reach out to your fans or influencers!

That way you will make it easy for regular visitors of your site to view the content you post on Instagram, and to follow your brand on the platform.

3. Use Instagram Sales Tools

Many use instagram as a platform to market and sell products.

Sales tools like Have2Have.It,Like2Buy, and Inselly, can give you the extra push you are looking for in selling your products.

4. Alert Influential Accounts Through Tagging

Rather than tagging popular accounts in the comments, try tagging them in your photos. This way, it will come to their notice quickly in the ‘photos of you’ section.

5. Take a Video

If you are wondering how to get more video views on Instagram, Instagram recently increased the video length to one minute.

This helps content creators and marketers as they can present more content in the additional time. Get more creative by introducing video content that your audience will love to watch.

6. Tracking Your Followers

A decent follower ratio is widely regarded as a factor of validation among the general audience.

So it is important to unfollow certain accounts if they are not following you this way, you look less spammy and legitimate.

Tools like Iconosquare will let you know the people who are not reciprocating your love.

7. The User Content is key..

Finding great content can be hectic at times. If you are an enterprise, you can always share content that has been generated by the audience after giving them the credit, of course…

This is an excellent way to make your audience more inclined towards sharing content related to your brand or the industry.

8. Trackable Links

Adding a link onto your bio is essential but it is important to know how many people clicked on the link.

You can do this by using the URL shortener from Google or Bitly. You can also change the link when you are running a promotion..

Doing this, you will lead the users to the link with a call to action for example.

9. Photo And Video Editing Tools

To catch the attention of users, you need to stand out. Using the Instagram features which are inbuilt is just not enough to stand out. You can consider tools and presets such as Afterlight, Snapseed or VSCOCAM.

Here is an example of before and after…


10. Host A Hashtag Contest

Hashtag contest is one the easiest ways to expand your follower base. Do offer your audience prizes and request them to post pics under the unique hashtag which you devised. Make sure that the contestants are following you and choose a winner at the end.

11. The Resolution Matters

Maximize the pixel resolutions of your photos to give great content to your audience.

These days iPhones come with brilliant retina screens, and the blurry images you post will do you no good. No one would favor following your account to get underwhelming content.

12. Use Unique Hashtags

If unique hashtags are missing from your posts, you will miss out on precious community content as well.

A unique hashtag can distinguish your brand from others and at the same time allow your Instagram audience to search and see all the content related to your account and the brand.

13. Utilise The 30 Hashtags Limit

Search and explore for popular hashtags on the platform and if they are related or suitable to your brand or the industry, implement them on your posts. Also, observe other accounts that belong to your niche and adopt similar hashtags.

14. Create A Color Scheme For Brand Consistency

As a photographer i know that people can recogniste your style of you stick to one..

If it fits your brand and your niche audience, this strategy can be employed. Brands around the globe use a single filter to maintain consistency in branding.

20 Instagram Hacks for everyone using a consistent tone
Using a consistent tone can give your feed a professional look in the right circumstances.

15. Get Follow-Backs

Following the fans of a fellow competitor can alert the presence of your brand among your target audience. You can interact with them as well.

16. Schedule Your Posts

There are tools such as Postfity and Buffer.

They allow you to schedule posts. Now you can effectively know the peak times when your audience is active and post your product then.

17. Takeovers

Are you acquaintances with Instagram influencers? Well, it’s time to put your contacts into use. You can set some rules and request influencers to take over your Instagram profile for a day. This way, you can attract their followers and at the same time get a valuable endorsement.

Vera Sweeney’s takeover of Staples’s Instagram account is a good example below.

The takeover brought fashion and stationary together to help make the latter a more attractive.

18. Moving Photos

 Live pictures can be created using the tool Boomerang.

Because not everyone is a fan of still pictures, you can now spice up things by using live photos..

19. Tie Up With Accounts

Certain curators on the platform have a broad reach and with followers hungry for great products.

You can send sample images in exchange for a great feature that would get you fresh audience.

Doing this can do wonders for your profile or brand that you have and it can’t hurt to ask…

20. Include A Location

While you post photos and videos on Instagram don’t forget to include a location.

Doing this can help people view your website and the community which your business is attracting.

Implement these tricks and hacks to get the fan base you have dreamt off. At the same time, make sure that you alter these strategies according to the industry and target audience for better results.


Good luck!


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